Why Diamond Certification is Important (The 5th C: Certification)

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is internationally known and is the most widely accepted grading laboratory in the world. Diamonds that are certified by the GIA are subjected to a plethora of tests that yield specific results for clarity, color, cut and carat weight. All of these factors help to calculate the value of your diamond within specific ranges so that they remain as consistent as possible.

Having a GIA diamond certificate is extremely important because it verifies and describes your diamond’s value. It proves the stone has been tested and confirmed natural and provides assurance about the qualities of your unique gemstone. The certificate serves as the diamond’s proof of identity, and gives the buyer peace of mind knowing that the diamond has been independently assessed and graded, and most importantly, you are getting what you paid for.

Buying a diamond without a certification puts you as the buyer at risk to the person selling the diamond. This is because a diamond without a certification may not have been rated professionally or accurately.

diamond certificate
Why Diamond Certification is Important (The 5th C: Certification) 2

Resale Value of Certified Diamonds:

The resale value of a diamond is the price you may expect to receive should you decide to sell it. As a seller, you will have stronger negotiation power with a diamond that is graded with a certificate compared to a non-certified diamond. This is because the purchaser of the diamond does not need to make approximations with the stone, and he or she can offer you a better payment for what the stone is worth. Having a Certified Diamond gives the seller more negotiation power by putting the buyer and seller on equal ground.

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