3 tips to purchase diamonds safely and what to be aware of

Buying diamonds can be a confusing and stressful process. Especially to first-time diamond buyers. The different shapes, sizes, and designs can make prices of diamonds look incongruent if you do not know what to look for.


In today’s market, a Google Search of “diamond engagement ring”, will populate thousands of businesses striving to grasp your attention. Always purchase from a reputable source, someone you can trust. It is important to work with a trusted jeweler to ensure that the diamond you select is the same stone that ends up set into your future piece of jewelry… working with a trusted individual ensures that your diamond will not be switched out for a simulation stone, cheaper diamond
with less quality in the 4 C’s, etc.


The diamond certification summarizes what you need to know about the diamond’s quality. Remember from a previous blog, it ensures professionalism and consistency in the 4 C’s that were graded. It is important to understand the information in the diamond certification correctly. Make sure the diamond in hand matches precisely what the seller guarantees. If a diamond certification contains an asterisk sign (*) in the color grade or the clarity grade, it indicates that the diamond has been treated. Why to be weary of treated diamonds: treated diamonds are significantly lower in value than non-treated diamonds.

Common Clarity Treatments: Common Color Treatments:

  1. Laser Drill 1. HPHT Process
  2. Clarity Enhanced 2. The diamond has been treated by
    one or more processes to change its

As a buyer it is important to be aware of diamonds that have been treated for clarity or for color. It is imperative to receive fully disclosed information about a diamond before purchasing it. Remember, treated diamonds are cheaper in value and lose value in resale; therefore, it is important to know about the quality of the diamond you are investing in.

Tip #3: LAB GROWN DIAMONDS, aka, “Manmade Diamonds”

The newest and biggest threat on the diamond industry today in 2022 is the Lab Grown Diamonds. These diamonds are ~85% cheaper than a natural diamond. Scarily, to the naked eye they even look the same.

To differentiate between a lab grown diamond versus a natural diamond, a special and expensive machine is needed. Although lab grown diamonds seem attractive due to their price, they do not retain resale value like a natural diamond. As an expert gemologist, I have come across expensive pieces of jewelry that contained lab grown diamonds when the owner of the item thought they were natural diamonds. This is tricky and it takes a professional to discriminate between the two. When buying diamond jewelry, ensure all the diamonds within that piece of jewelry are natural stones as to not be duped by the prices associated with lab grown versus natural diamonds.

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